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For returning felony offenders, the clemency process for the restoration of voting rights is more difficult in Florida than anywhere else in the country. Only 2% of the more than 1.6 million have committed violent felonies, yet everyone must wait a minimum of five years to apply to the Clemency Board, which is comprised of the governor and cabinet members. There are currently over 10,000 applications pending.

Currently, any Florida governor has the authority to change the terms of the restoration of voting rights. The proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution would make the restoration of voting rights automatic, after a sentence is served and any restitution paid. Violent offenders would still have to go through the clemency process.

Our expert panel will examine both approaches and discuss the research into how each approach impacts society.

LWV and Tiger Bay Members can help with this effort by downloading the petition, signing with the same name that appears on your voter registration, and returning to the address at the bottom of the form. Please share this with your friends, neighbors, and others you know.

Let’s give Democracy a second chance in Florida:

If you would like to get directly involved in this campaign, a local committee has formed.
Contact Susan Greenbaum (secretary@hclwv.org) or Martha Stem (hottopics@hclwv.org).
Co-chairs: Martha Stem, Susan Greenbaum, Idelia Phillips