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Meet Craig Latimer

Meet Craig Latimer, Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections, and our newest Tampa Tiger Bay Club member.

Why are you a member of Tiger Bay? As Supervisor of Elections, I’m working to make Hillsborough County the best place in America to vote. Belonging to Tiger Bay gives me the opportunity to interact with some of the most civically-engaged members of our community.

 What is your first political memory?  My father was the first news anchor at WFLA Channel 8, and I remember helping him when he hosted the Election Center at the station on Election Night. During those days, the candidates had to stop by the station to get coverage and I met some of Tampa’s great leaders, including Mayor Nick Nuccio and Sheriff Malcolm Beard.

Who inspires you?  Derek Jeter inspires me, because of all of his accomplishments both on and off the field. I especially applaud his Turn 2 Foundation which encourages youth to turn away from drugs and alcohol and turn to healthy lifestyles. I serve on the boards of Central Florida Behavioral Health Network and BAYS Florida, so I’m well aware of the challenges troubled youth face in our community, and Derek Jeter is helping to build tomorrow’s leaders.

If you could have lunch with one current (living) political figure, who would it be?  I believe it’s critical to maintain a nonpartisan elections office, so rather than pick a partisan politician, I would choose to have lunch with someone who isn’t a politician but plays one on TV—Kevin Spacey.

How long have you lived in the Tampa Bay area?  I was born in Tampa, grew up in South Tampa, moved a lot in my younger years (Egypt Lake, Brandon, South Tampa) and eventually migrated to Lutz.

 What is the best thing about living in Tampa Bay? After 35 years in law enforcement, you’d expect me to be jaded, but every day, I see evidence of the caring community that we live in, from my interactions with fellow board members to my longtime friends to my current colleagues.

What are your hobbies? I love being on the water, fishing and boating.

What is your family status (wife/kids/grand-kids)? I have one of each:  a wife, a son and a grandson.

What was it like to go from the Sheriff’s Office to Supervisor of Elections Office?  It’s always been my goal to take bureaucracy out of government and to run an efficient and effective organization. I learned how to do that in the Sheriff’s Office and I brought those skills to the Supervisor of Elections Office.  My job, then and now, comes down to three things:  follow the law, provide excellent customer service and do the right thing.