Tiger Bay Club

Hillsborough County's Premier Bipartisan Political Club

About Us

The Tiger Bay Club of Tampa is a political forum, a non-partisan assembly, that does not endorse any candidate for office, but, instead, subjects the candidates to a no-holds-barred question & answer session that is sure to leave a mark. Tiger Bay members, by the way, never leave a meeting … hungry!!

The Tiger Bay Club is Tampa’s most stimulating professional club, attracting members who have a flair for people, a passion for politics, and an interest in current affairs. Monthly meetings offer a diet of good food and stimulating speakers (or is it the other way around?). Topics span a wide array of ideas and opinions … some controversial, but all delectable. Members are not only encouraged to grill the guest speakers, but also to win the coveted Garfield Award for the most “insightful” question.

Meetings are held at noon, usually on the third Friday of each month. Notices are sent in advance and guests are welcome. We typically feature speakers on all types of political and public interest issues. During election years we host forums for local, state and national candidates.

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