Welcome to the club! We have several membership levels available and may be paid by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), cash, or check. You only pay for the luncheons you attend. Once reserved, lunches are considered guaranteed and payable at the door or online (preferred). If you do not cancel or attend, you will be invoiced.

To Join The Tiger Bay Club of Tampa simply fill out and complete the application form and make the Payment (PayPal). If you would prefer to send a check, you may print it out and mail it to us here.

Tiger Bay Club, P.O. Box 320932, Tampa, FL 33679.



It takes a special kind of cat to belong to the Tiger Bay Club.  You know, the kind that likes to claw through meaty public issues … with a slightly skeptical eye, a flair for people and a passion for politics.

Tiger Bay Club members are perched – always ready for an encounter.  And, guests who appear before them dare not utter a false word.  Club members, you see, know how to flush out the truth.

If you’re our kind of cat, we hope you’ll consider joining Tampa Bay’s most stimulating professional club?  Monthly topics span a wide array of ideas and opinions – some controversial, but all delectable.  When intertwined with your own appetite, there is an opportunity for enlightenment and humor that is truly something to savor.

How do you know what kind of cat you are?  Simple!  Do self-serving, evasive, political types drive you up a tree?  Do you leave public meetings wondering why really tough questions never get asked?  Do you yearn for humor in public debates?

Then, make no bones about it, you’re very much a Tiger Bay cat.  You listen for tough questions while ignoring clichés.  You’re interested in all the political races but, in truth, the fun is taking them through their paces.

You’re a Tiger Bay cat.  So, join now, and start wearing your stripes.

Reservations for luncheon meetings are required. Members pay only for those luncheons they attend. However, if reservations are made and not cancelled prior to the meeting, members will be expected to pay for missed luncheons. Guests are welcome.

The Tiger Bay Club of Tampa is a political forum, a non-partisan assembly, that does not endorse any candidate for office, but, instead, subjects the candidates to a no-holds-barred question-and-answer session that is sure to leave a mark. Tiger Bay is a place for Democrats, Republicans and NPAs to gather to discuss the important issues of the day without rancor, which is rare in today’s polarized political world.  Tiger Bay members, by the way, never leave a meeting … hungry!